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In today’s environment, marketing tips and tools for small businesses are more abundant and accessible than ever before. However, the challenge facing most business owners is that with all of these options, there’s no clear roadmap. Sure, you need to market your business, but where do you start? What will actually yield results?

This is where I come in. Using my industry knowledge and experience, I help cut through the clutter for you. Whether it’s about helping you pick the best platform for building your website, creating a calendar of social media posts, or keeping your SEO up-to-date so customers can find you, I help get you where you’re going.


services overview

This page showcases a few of my favorite clients and some of the core types of projects I work on. Currently, I’m open for short-term projects, creative collaboration, and consultation/training for small businesses and non-profits. If you like what you see, I encourage you to reach out to learn more about how I can help your business.


tranquil moments skin care

Tranquil Moments Skin Care is a luxury skin care and wellness spa located in Buford, Georgia. After expanding to a new building, Tranquil Moments commissioned a branding and website refresh. Incorporating the serene experience clients receive at the spa was a crucial factor in developing a brand identity to set it apart from other local competitors. The logo I designed captures the essence of their brand, while the website I developed showcases a fresh, mobile-friendly experience for prospects and clients to learn about their services.

As a result, these efforts have unified the brand’s image, attracted new clientele, and produced an increase in bookings online.

bck volatility

BCK Volatility is an investment strategy subscription service created by three friends with a passion for finance. Seeking to expand their reach and build a professional, trustworthy reputation online, BCK Volatiliy commissioned the design of a brand identity, logo, and website. Over several months, I helped create a new image for the brand, along with a user-friendly website which features a blog component and newsletter subscription.

In short, this project has strengthened the brand’s reputation among the investment community, and increased traffic to their site, bringing in more subscribers than ever before.

hawkiis farm at holcombe place

Hawkiis Farm is a multi-use event venue located in West Georgia. To help launch their business, I was hired to design a rustic, yet elegant website to establish an online presence, showcasing the venue and its offerings. Since launching their site, Hawkiis Farm has received a steady flow of bookings and has even expanded from hosting others’ events to holding their own community engagements. I’ve since assisted with designing collateral for their events, such as posters for their upcoming Music Festival.

Hawkiis Farm is experiencing steady growth through their online presence and continues to expand their offerings as a result.

langham arts america

Langham Arts America is a sister charity to the United Kingdom’s Langham Arts Trust, dedicated to spreading the Christen gospel message through music. For several years, I have worked with their Executive Director to grow their online audience, raise funds for mission work, and manage content updates online.

As the organization continues to expand their reach, my efforts have helped contribute to a streamlined marketing plan and increased donations online.


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